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General Purpose Shipping Containers

High Cube General Purpose Shipping Containers

Buying the right size Shipping Container

Buying the right size Shipping Container

Hire a Shipping Container

Looking for a Shipping Container to Hire for Storage? Have you got something you want to lock up and store for a short period? – Would your item(s) fit inside a 2300mm x 2500mm opening, and be less that either 5800mm or 11600mm in length? Call our friendly Sales Team at Container Traders Australia cheapest Container Hire Company. We are No. 1 for Shipping Containers.

We hire shipping containers for storage in 10ft (3m) 20ft (6m) and 40ft (12m) in length across Australia.

Hiring 10ft Shipping Containers

Our 10 ft Shipping Container for Hire
We lease 10ft containers in in the standard (General Purpose) shipping container size. All water and weather proof and perfect as storage for your personal effects.

Hiring 20ft Shipping Containers

Our 20ft Shipping Container for Hire
We have Standard (GP) 20ft Shipping Containers for Hire, 20ft High Cubed (HC) Shipping Containers for Hire and we Hire our 20ft Refrigerated Shipping Containers.

Hiring 40ft Shipping Containers

Our 40ft Shipping Container for Hire
Again we have our Standard (GP) 40ft Shipping Containers for Hire, 40ft High Cube (HC) Shipping Containers for Hire and 40ft Refrigerated Shipping Containers for Hire.

So you need it fast? Assuming you are able to provide the basic details we require in an efficient manor the shipping container hire team here at Container Traders can deliver your hire container next day every time guaranteed. And quite often same day!

Container Traders hires to Australian Government, big and small businesses AND the general public – there is no job too big or too small.

Call us on 1300 89 89 70 if you any questions – the team at Container Traders are always happy to help.

Refrigerated Containers

Converted/Modified Containers

Buying the right size Shipping Container

How much does it cost to hire a Shipping Container?

Shipping Container hire starts from as little as $120.00 Excluding GST. In addition to the container hire cost, you will have the cost associated with the delivery and collection of your container.

If you are looking to buy a used shipping container take a look here

How much is delivery and collection of my shipping Container?

The cost of container transport will vary dependent upon;

  1. The distance your site is from our container depot
  2. The truck type required to deliver your container

Call our team today for a fast and competitive price to your suburb or location on 1300 89 89 70

How does Shipping Container hire work?

Completing your hire order is fast. Container Traders will gather your details, and get you’re hire agreement arranged and sent to you.

Once you complete and returning the agreement to us, we will get your order under way, and your container delivered for you to start storing your goods.

What are the upfront costs when hiring a shipping container?

  • The first months hire in advance
  • Delivery of the Shipping Container
  • Collection of the Shipping Container

When will monthly billing occur?

Container Traders invoice you on the same day of the month, each month when you hire a shipping container from us.

How do I make payment?

The credit card you authorise Container Traders to use for your monthly payments will be charged on the same day of each month.

How quickly can we arrange your container?

Shipping Container hire is fast, we have large stock quantities, and a large fleet of trucks at our disposal.

We can often arrange your container the same day you make payment, and we guarantee delivery the next day.

Can I keep the shipping container longer than the hire period I commit too?

We don’t off hire your container until you let us know it is surplus to your needs. You can keep it for a minimum of 3 months, or 100 years.

What if I need the shipping container moved during the hire?

Not a problem. Give us a call and we will work with you to move your shipping container to the next location.

Why Hire a Shipping Container?

Hiring a shipping container is flexible. You can have the container for as long as required, and you are guaranteed a late model, clean container!

People hire shipping container traditional for extra storage. Shipping container are great for that additional short-term storage needs as they are big, secure, dry spaces that can be delivered and removed with very little lead time.

Perhaps you are moving home, or renovating the house or you have a family member come and stay for a short period and they need to store their stuff. Hired Shipping Containers can be used for temporary space for a workshop or office space or to as storage for a bikes or furniture or the kids toys. Uses are endless.

Businesses hire containers are able to offset the costs of the hire at tax time.

Call us on 1300 89 89 70 if you any questions – the team at Container Traders are always happy to help.